Returning to my home from home: Iten, Kenya

By Myles Edwards

Twitter – MylesEdwards

At 6pm last night I returned to my home from home.  Not that I needed any extra enthusiasm towards my return to Iten, Kenya but a phone call from Cambridge athletics legend, Mike Turner on the eve of my arrival sent my excitement and determination levels through the roof.

A hero of mine and close friend and inspiration of my father’s, the former English Cross Country Captain and GB Team Manager at the 1988 Soul Olympics has sadly experienced some ill health in recent months.  However, his granite-like grit and trademark resolve are shining through more than ever as he embarks on the recovery process.  To hear a double British Universities and double Inter-Counties Cross Country champion say – “Myles, you’ve never lacked ambition and have all the attributes to be a top athlete” – has given me an incredible buzz and increased determination to make this 3 month spell of altitude training as successful as possible.

The journey from London to Nairobi consisted of sleep, sleep and more sleep.  A hectic week with work and catching up with friends followed by the English National Cross Country 7.5 mile race on Saturday had clearly taken its toll as for the first time in my 23 year career, I declined a meal.

With only 2 flights leaving Nairobi to Eldoret each day I had missed the first one and was not hanging around Eldoret Airport all day until evening.  This left me one option – a 500 mile journey by matatu. For those of you who are not familiar with the matatu, count yourself lucky.  Packed in like sardines is an understatement.  The 14-seater mini bus at one point had 22 passengers and this was including my two 20kg bags taking up two of the ‘seats’.  Safe to say my backside and I were relieved and jubilant when the ordeal finally came to an end.

As soon as I set foot on the famous red dirt roads of Iten, I felt at home.  Within seconds a couple of locals, whom myself and training partner Dan Mulhare had made friends with on our previous trip, recognised me and came running over to greet me.  Local children refused to take no for an answer as they fought to be the one to carry my bags for the 5 minute walk to our place, secretly hoping that they would be full of goodies from the UK.

I write this after waking up on my first morning back in our compound owned by Moses and Linet Masai.  It has been absolutely fantastic to see everyone again.  Either Linet has transformed into a very annoying Rooster who seems hell-bent on disrupting my sleep or the feathered creature awaits her as a gift to mark her return from a fantastic 3rd place finish in Puerto Rico’s World’s Best 10km.

I cannot wait to get stuck into some serious training over the coming weeks but plan to be careful in the next few days to acclimatise and not risk injury.  As many of you know my previous trip to Kenya, whilst being truly inspirational, was unfortunately marred by a shin injury which stopped me doing almost any running.  Thanks to Aberdeen-based Physiotherapist, Ron Coutts, I am confident that I have the tools to manage the injury this time around and make this trip a springboard to future success in the sport.  I am hugely grateful for the unwavering loyalty, support and enthusiasm from my parents.  My father, Mel Edwards, has been an inspiration throughout my life and in particular during the times I have spent on the sidelines due to injury.  Grant Smith’s guidance, advice and coaching played a huge role in my success last season and solid training over the last 3 months and I look forward to carrying out his sessions in Kenya.   The trip would also not have been possible without the support of Body Helix, Fugro Subsea Services, Petrofac and in particular Paradigm Flow Services who have shown great faith in me as an athlete – something which makes me all the more determined to achieve my goals and repay their loyalty.

In half an hour or so I will be heading out for my first run of the trip and hopefully my first pain free run on African soil, with the words of Mike Turner ringing in my ears.  Iten is a truly magical place where you can witness athletes achieving their dreams all around you.  Who knows, I may even be on the shoulder of World 800metres champion, David Rudisha in years to come. Sorry, it seems the altitude has gone to my head already.

Kwa heri for now and thanks for reading.




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17 responses to “Returning to my home from home: Iten, Kenya

  1. Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound in Iten, and good luck with your training,

    All at BodyHelix

  2. Becky Cheyne

    I’m asuming ‘kwa heri’ means goodbye?! Haha! This is really good, yet again!! Kwa heri 😛 x

  3. Karen Molloy

    Great reading Myles – best of luck for an injury free training season. Still not made a Tuesday session but am pounding those pavements (well woods – I did listen to your Dad about saving those knees!).
    Good luck!

  4. Stacey Innes

    Kila la kheri Myles! X

  5. caroline

    What a fantastic article myles. very inspiring. hope you stay injury free in kenya. love caroline

  6. John Cole

    Hi Myles,
    I’m preparing to travel to Kenya – how is the current political situation?
    I read an article that is four years old that painted a fairly grim picture of violence in Iten, has that danger passed, or is travel still pretty sketchy?


    • John,

      Everything is perfect. There never was any violence in Iten and there has been no political rioting or violence since the coalition government was found in March 2008. Potentially best to avoid the next election but you are fine now.


  7. Kirsty McGinigal

    Hey Myles, Great reading your blog, laughing at your bus ride to Iten! hope all going well and you acclimatising ok and are injury free? Still managing along to the Tuesday night sessions with Jamie, he is working us hard!!!
    Enjoy this amazing experience!


    • Thanks Kirsty, great to hear from you! Slowly but surely acclimatising and training hard, the shin is at bay 🙂 Did my first track session today which went really well. Great, I am glad to hear it! Fiona is keeping me updated with the killer sessions haha.


  8. Wednester

    NICE ARTICLE…..was searching some article about iten..and this was one of em……

  9. John

    Hi Myles,
    How is the weather? (thinking about what to pack)

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